Since inception, Concert Infrastructure has been firmly committed to bringing environmentally-responsible infrastructure assets to communities across Canada.

Making a difference in our environment

To achieve our sustainability goals, Concert works with experienced teams of professionals, consisting of the finest architects, engineers, contractors and tradespeople. By employing an integrated design and development approach, our projects are able to achieve a high level of environmental sustainability which ultimately results in improved asset performance and operational savings.

Our efforts have been broadly recognized; in Concert’s portfolio of infrastructure assets there are 18 certified LEED Gold properties, and 31 certified LEED Silver properties.

A specific example of Concert Infrastructure's commitment to environmental sustainability is the refinancing of the long-term bank debt associated with the Ontario Provincial Police Modernization (OPPM) project through the issuance of a ‘green bond’. Green bonds, though the Province of Ontario, are aimed at supporting environmentally-sustainable infrastructure projects. The OPPM project utilized environmentally-sustainable construction practices, is both energy and water efficient in its operation, and makes innovative use of a ‘ground source heat exchanger’ within the Regional Headquarters in Orillia.