Saskatchewan Joint Use Schools Project I

Completion Date2017
Square Footage389,499

In August 2015, Concert secured the Saskatchewan Joint Use Schools Project I to design, build, finance and maintain six schools on three joint use sites in Regina, Saskatchewan. The schools comprise 389,499 square feet of new building space with capacity for more than 3,000 students from prekindergarten to grade 8.

The project is delivered under a public-private partnership model with the Government of Saskatchewan over a 30 year term and has a contract value of $186.0 million. Combined with the Saskatchewan Joint Use Schools Project II, this was the largest school construction project in Saskatchewan’s history.  

Concert holds an 80% share in the project company, Joint Use Mutual Partnership #1, and is pleased to be partnered with Bird Capital Limited Partnership.

In 2015 this project was selected as the winner of the Silver Award for Innovative Partnership within The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships' National Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships.

Click the links below to view the construction timelapse video for each site: